After five incredible years, I’m transitioning from Chief Digital Officer to an advisory role at LVMH. I’m taking a full-time role at Ledger as Chief Experience Officer (CXO). Ledger is the global leader in protecting digital assets such as cryptocurrency founded and based in Paris.


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Five years ago I left Apple and California, where I had lived for more than twenty years and resettled in Paris working as Chief Digital Officer at LVMH. I’m not sure who took the bigger risk, LVMH or me, but we each…

Hello from Bloomington, Indiana, home of my alma mater, Indiana University. I graduated with a BA in Computer Science from IU in 1994. This week they are opening a beautiful new building to house the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, Luddy Hall. They asked me to come speak as part of the festivities. I was honored and said yes.

NOTE: The opinions expressed here are mine alone. As Ian MacKaye said, “This is no set of rules, I’m not telling you what to do…” I’m just sharing my own thoughts on a topic I find myself struggling with, thinking about, and discussing a lot at the moment. I hope it helps with your own personal reflection.

Like you, I’m struggling to balance how I use my phone for good without letting it distract me from family, friends and productivity. As Tony Fadell put it, we need a “Digital Diet” where we eat mostly vegetables and save sugar for special…

Danny Stenberg, Feb. 10, 1964 — Apr. 15, 2017

As I wrote about here, my brother, Danny Stenberg, died in a motorcycle accident less than a year ago. Today would have been his 54th birthday and he would have been sober for well over a decade. He also still would have been finishing his masters degree in social work from Indiana University South Bend (IUSB), having dug himself out from high school drop out to drug abuser to someone who spent his days studying to help others.

But don’t take my word for it. Instead listen to all his classmates and professors at IUSB who speak through misty eyes…

Yancey found himself with some extra time and suggested we take a weekend trip. Neither of us had ever been to Morocco, or the African contintent for that matter, so it was decided Morocco would be our destination.

Yancey set the plan: Thursday and Sunday in Marrakech, Friday and Saturday at the coast. With a rental car drive and many hours in a hotel together in our future my thoughts turned to the soundtrack. …

This was originally published on my blog, FISTFULAYEN, 7 September 2009. My blog is being held hostage by a Web host named Mediacatch, so I’m slowly moving key posts I refer to often from The Wayback Machine to Medium. If you know how I might get my blog set free from Mediacatch, I would be forever grateful.

I made a new friend recently, Garrett Shelton, who’s worked at jazz labels Verve, Decca, and Sunnyside, and now does freelance consulting for jazz artists including Dave Holland. …

The Defiant Ones

In 2014, the day before we officially announced the aquisitition of Beats Electronics and Beats Music by Apple, I met Jimmy, Dre, Luke and Paul at Van Nuys airport for the flight to Northern California.

Jimmy was the only one on the plane when I boarded. He said, «Ian, today, film everything.» I wasn’t so sure, it’s not that cool to walk in to Tim Cook’s office filming, even if you’re using an iPhone. But Jimmy said yes, so I did.

Dre was next to board the plane and sat across from me. I said, «Fair warning…

24 Sèvres, launching today, brings Parisian style to the world

Today, after three months of testing with friends and family, we are opening 24 Sèvres to the public at http://www.24Sevres.com and the 24 Sèvres iOS app. 24 Sèvres is a fashion boutique extending the world’s first department store, Paris’ Le Bon Marché, to anyone with an Internet connection in more than 70 countries around the world, any time of day or night.

When I joined LVMH in October 2015 24 Sèvres was an idea introduced to me by Alexandre Arnault with a code name and one employee, Eric Goguey, formerly leading e-commerce for Sephora Europe. Today 24 Sèvres is a…

Join us June 16th for the LVMH Innovation Award winner, jury announced below

Viva Technology Paris will bring 5,000 of the world’s best startups together in Paris next week. At LVMH we’ve been preparing for these three days for more than six months. Join us and you’ll see 20 LVMH Maisons showing their latest innovations alongside the 32 startup finalists in the LVMH Innovation Award.

More than 500 startups from over 40 countries applied for the LVMH Innovation Award. A group of VCs and industry professionals helped us select the 32 finalists. …

Danny Stenberg,February 10, 1964 — April 15, 2017

My brother, Danny Stenberg, was killed in a motorcycle accident near his home in South Bend, Indiana last Saturday.

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